With a seemingly never-ending evolution in the fashion industry, it can be hard on both your wallet and your wardrobe to continually play catch-up with the latest menswear collections, style and trends. Luckily this season sees some of 2019's biggest trends spill over into 2020.
Loosening Up Form-hugging fits had been on their way out for a while but 2019 was the year that really finished them off. With the dawning in of a new decade. You come across a lot of trends ranging from the popping threads and the gentleman’s vibe style.

So if you want to maintain your fashion game, these are definitely some of the trends you’re supposed to try as wardrobe must haves for the modern man of this decade. So I call this the one on one (1on1) men’s style guide 2020.



Men shorts
Shorts are the easiest thing to get wrong in a man’s wardrobe. Unlike ladies most men don’t have the luxury of gorgeous legs to show off in the shorts. But if you are to take a risk and go all out in shorts you have to know the right pair of shorts for the right occasion.

Men shorts
Now these are the kind of shorts that can almost take you to every event or occasion you want apart from the beach. I repeat do not take these shorts to the beach. They have a sweater feel and still comfortable even on a hot day.

Social shorts

In the casual sectuon this fashion season, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans will do. But you have to know the right type of jeans and may be the fabric that will work for you and matchinbg the right t-shirt with the right jean is something to give mind to.

Street fashion
. NOTE: A pair of fitting jeans will do the trick, but over tight jeans are definetly a trunoff so watch out so that you do not fall victim of this vice.

Black men jeans
Black jeans are my favorite because the can easily match up with almost anything you have got to throw on. The analogy that men don’t care much about their looks is not necessarily true.

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